ICYMI: Conservative Radio Host Alan Stock Lists Roberson’s Flaws, Says Roberson “Does Not Deserve Your Vote”

Nevada Values President Sen. Patricia Farley appeared on the radio show of longtime conservative personality Alan Stock to talk about her experiences with the candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Michael Roberson.


LAS VEGAS – If Michael Roberson has any hope to win the Lieutenant Governor’s race, he needs to rely on the Republican base. Conservative radio host Alan Stock dashed those hopes yesterday during a conversation on his show with nonpartisan State Senator Patricia Farley, giving a laundry list of reasons why Roberson is wrong for Nevada, regardless of party or ideology.  Farley had already given her own reasons, detailed in the website robersonfacts.com and complemented by a six-figure digital ad buy.


Stock asked Farley to detail the reasoning behind her campaign against Roberson, which she did with ease: there was the deceitful conduct she’s seen from Roberson when dealing with both the public and elected officials, his key role in the disastrous GOP recall campaign targeting her and other women in the Senate, and his poor leadership doing the last two legislative sessions.


Instead of defending Roberson, fellow Republican Alan Stock made it crystal-clear to his audience that even though he regularly agrees with Roberson on the issues, there are more important matters at stake: “No matter who you vote for, for the governor, whether you’re for Adam Laxalt or Steve Sisolak…don’t vote for Michael Roberson for lieutenant governor. I can’t make it clearer than that.”


Nevadans deserve a Lieutenant Governor who can stand up for them, not walk out on them. That’s not who Michael Roberson is. Here are more quotes from Stock on his show yesterday:


“I agree with him a lot of ways. But he’s creepy. The guy is just not ethically worthy of becoming lieutenant governor.”


“The guy has no character. He is the type of guy who puts his tail in between his legs and walks away. He does not deserve your vote this November.”


“Even conservative groups that are endorsing all the way down the ballot skip, Roberson. He is not deserving of their endorsement or support.”