Roberson Walks Out on His Constituents

Senate District 20 sent Michael Roberson to Carson City to represent them at the Legislature. Instead, Michael Roberson walked out during one of the most important votes of the 2017 Nevada Legislature, on the budget. Sore from a political defeat, Michael Roberson walked out on his most important duty as a State Senator: representing his constituents. He was not present for the initial votes on the budget, leaving over 100,000 Nevadans without representation on one of the most crucial state decisions.


Michael Roberson did return to the Senate in the following days to cast No votes on the final budget deals, voting against funding for Nevada’s students and educators, sick, seniors, and veterans. “I said back in January, no ESA’s, no budget. So yes, I’m voting against the budget bills.”


Michael Roberson walked out on his constituents.