Walks Out on Everyday Nevadans

Michael Roberson does not understand Nevada’s values nor our Constitution. He continues to scheme up risky policy and won’t back down when it is deemed unconstitutional. From his failed attempt to defund our public schools to his unconstitutional anti-immigrant ballot measure, Roberson just doesn’t get Nevada.


Michael Roberson doesn’t understand Nevadans needs. He vote against SprinkleCare, an expansion of healthcare for Nevadans. He continues t0 advocate defund our public schools and sell off our public lands. To top it off, Michael Roberson tied Clark County’s hands in the wake of the largest mass shooting in America’s history. He is in the pocket of the gun lobby and has an A+ NRA rating. Michael Roberson is out of touch with Nevadans.


Michael Roberson walks away from all of the issues Nevadans stand for.