Michael Roberson Walked Out on Nevada

Michael Roberson walked out on us in 2017. It wasn’t the first time. Now, Roberson wants us to vote for him for Lieutenant Governor. Who is he kidding?


After walking out on our students, educators, seniors, veterans, and his own constituents, Michael Roberson simply can’t be trusted to stand up for everyday Nevadans. When things get tough, Nevada needs a Lt. Governor who will stand up for us, not walk out the door. Given his track record, that’s not Michael Roberson.

We Can’t Have A Lt. Governor Who…

Walks Away

From funding our students and education to safe, accessible healthcare for Veterans, Michael Roberson walked out on Nevadans’ most basic needs. During the 2017 Nevada Legislature, Michael Roberson walked out during crucial budget votes, throwing a temper tantrum when he didn’t get what he wanted. What set Michael Roberson off? A majority of his colleagues in the Senate voted to protect public tax dollars in our public schools instead of funding a risky voucher scheme that could have shifted millions to wealthy families for exclusive private schools.

Meet Kate Marshall

Have you heard of Kate Marshall?


Kate has dedicated her life to service and has fought for Nevada’s kids, workers, and families. Born Kathleen Soltero, Kate worked her way through both high school and college before joining the Peace Corps to teach. As State Treasurer, Kate stood with Nevada’s families through the economic crash. Because of Marshall’s leadership and persistence, Nevada’s investment portfolio lost no money even during the toughest years. While in office, Kate continued her fight for Nevada’s kids with the creation of College Kick Start. In partnership with local banks, Marshall opened college savings accounts for every kindergartener at no cost to the state.


As Lt. Governor, Kate Marshall will continue to stand up for everyday Nevadans. She will never walk out on us.

Education Stances

Roberson sponsored and promoted a shady voucher deal that would have stolen thousands of dollars from working and middle class children’s education to serve the private school elite if it were not deemed unconstitutional.

Public Lands

During Roberson’s failed Congressional campaign, he promised that if he were elected, he would sell off Nevada’s beautiful public lands.  Nevada voters didn’t want him then, why would we want him now?

Wasteful Recalls

When Michael Roberson does not get his way, he lashes out. After the Nevada Legislature did not adopt his pet project, he ran a costly recall campaign against 3 women who opposed his pet project to  take public school money away from our public schools.